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IconShop 2023

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IconShop 2023

* Support the SF Symbols, customized text, png or other bitmaps and svg vector maps.
* Quickly export a single image, Xcode Image Set package, Xcode AppIcon Set package, and drag it to Xcode to use it.
* The iCloudKit stores icon files, which can be shared between different devices.
* Multiple layers can be combined into new icons by importing simple icons.
* You can move, scale, rotate, delete layers, adjust colors, and so on.
* An icon store is being developed, and you can share icon files in the future.
* Support multiple platforms: macOS, iOS, watchOS.

When developing an app, there is a very troublesome problem: icon file.
I won't expand on this problem if it is too much headache. It depends on the number of users of SF Symbols, Font Awesome and Icon Font.
Now there are more and more open source icon libraries available, which are very good, but not good enough. As a program ape, I think the step of importing icons into Xcode Assets is very, very troublesome. Although I know that some of these functions can be realized by using Sketch templates and export settings, I want to make this process more stupid. So in 2021, I made a software called "IconShop", which can use the icon file exported from SF Symbols on the old version system that does not support SF Symbols.
Because the maintenance of the MacOS project based on Storyboard is very painful, the update is very slow. Finally, I decided to rewrite one with the latest SwiftUI technology, which is now called "IconShop 2023". Since the new version uses the latest official API of Apple, it can only support the latest version of the system this year. The good news is that MacOS, iOS and WatchOS can now be supported at the same time. How happy it is to think of continuing to work for the boss while on holiday!

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