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TimeTac Time Tracking

by TimeTac
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TimeTac Time Tracking

by TimeTac
TimeTac provide a complete time tracking and attendance management solution for numerous devices. The TimeTac App allows you to use the core features of the complete solution on your smartphone or tablet. TimeTac is tailored specifically to organisations and their employees, offering a complete package, including service and support.

The main features of the TimeTac app:
Employee time tracking, live and post-dated
Project time tracking, live and post-dated
Record additional information against working times
Record GPS data relating to working activity (optional)
Holiday and absence management with request workflows
Calendar displays for employees and departments / teams
Offline support with automatic synchronisation when returning online
Overview of working times and project times
Status overview with up-to-date employee attendance information
Configurable dashboard, widgets and shortcuts
Notifications and messages

Please note that the available features within your app will differ based on the TimeTac products used, individual account settings as well as the permissions of individual users.

TimeTac is available for usage on multiple platforms. The devices can be harmoniously combined in a single time and attendance solution. We’re happy to consult you on the available options.

Data protection and privacy are important to us. TimeTac comply with the GDPR, using encrypted data transfer, the highest security standards and offer optimal availability.