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Passion of Jesus

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Passion of Jesus

Objective of the app
The main objective of the app is to motivate individuals to cherish a tender devotion towards Jesus Christ in His Passion. The app will help to engage individuals to ponder/reflect on each aspect of the Passion, no matter where they are or what they are doing, to pause and cast a glance at our Lord and permit this awesome, life-changing reality to illumine, to set free, to save & bear fruit. This app allows time & eternity to intersect resulting in the transforming power of Christ Crucified to flow into our daily lives.

Features of the app
Believers are able to move from one Passion step to the next by selecting the default 24 hour mode, or by selecting one of the custom modes (8 hour, 1hour or 30mins) or manually by swiping forward/backward.

Users can also jump to a particular Passion step by touching the screen and using the slider.

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Listen to the content (Passion 24/7 and Passion Meditations) that is now available in natural voice.
Select the font size or scroll speed within 'Settings'.

Users can also set a daily reminder time for each of the following:
Way of the Cross, Daily Prayer to Jesus Crucified, Passion Prayers and Passion Meditations.

About the app
The events are put in sequence as found in Scripture and Sacred Tradition. The content is primarily taken from the collective writings of Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri (except Way of the Cross-Through Mary's Eyes). While it is very appropriate to practice this devotion during Lent, the Saints urge us to make this a daily & life-long devotion.

This passion timeline enfolds over a 24 hour period and is adapted to make it available to believers worldwide on a 24/7 basis, as a means of honoring and accompanying Jesus the last twenty-four hours of His life on earth. The passion of Jesus beckons them throughout the day at frequent intervals to cast a glance, to acknowledge Him, to draw grace & strength.

Each meditation presents the user (based on user’s local time) with the respective passion image. Each image has a corresponding reflection, response and suggested prayer intentions. While the user is encouraged to pray for their own personal intentions, some common intentions are recommended as a sign of our unity, for the body of Christ worldwide.

The 24 hour schedule is the default passion mode. For user’s convenience & flexibility, the passion timeline is also made available in 3 other modes i.e., 8 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes. For these 3 modes, the user may choose to customize the start time based on their availability. Once the customized mode has completed a cycle, the app will default back to the 24 hour mode.

For example, if a user has 30 minutes and they’d like to utilize that time to prayerfully reflect on our Lord’s passion, they can set the mode to 30 minutes & select the start time. The entire passion would then complete in approximately 30 minutes.

Included in the passion are the Stations of the Cross as well as several favourite Passion prayers, Lenten/Easter Festival Reflections, Daily Prayer to Jesus crucified and Daily Passion Meditations.
Benedict Xavier