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Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

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Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

A trip to Heiligendamm is an unforgettable experience at any time of the year. Off the major motorways, blooming meadows and centuries-old avenues of lime trees line the route to Heiligendamm for miles and miles. You soon sense a certain salty tang in the air and the way everyday life seems to become ever more remote in this unique natural landscape. Impressively framed by the sea, coast and dense beech forests, the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm radiates a bright light in its stunning historical setting. It’s no accident that Heiligendamm has long been called the White Town by the Sea. But it’s more than just that: it’s a world of its own. A world that is simply beyond compare.

The new Grand Hotel Heiligendamm app lets you decide about what, when and where you want to be informed. Grand Hotel Heiligendamm is an easy to use iPhone app, which delivers information about activities and events right to the iPhone of the guest in Heiligendamm. All information is automatically filtered by the personal and individual interests of each hotel guest.

With the app no important information is lost on its way to the guest, the app ensures all guests receive the information they really care about. Also everything to know about the the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm is delivered right to the iPhone - always up to date and easy to use.

Note: The provider of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm App is Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Prof.-Dr.-Vogel-Str. 6, 18209 Bad Doberan-Heiligendamm, Germany. The app is supplied and maintained by the German supplier Hotel MSSNGR GmbH, Tölzer Straße 17, 83677 Reichersbeuern.
Grand Resort Heiligendamm GmbH & Co. KG