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Jellyfish Heaven

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Jellyfish Heaven

Jellyfish Heaven is an interactive app that lets you enjoy the beauty of super realistic jellyfish right in the palm of your hand. With the new Apple Watch compatibility, you can now enjoy your favorite jellies on your wrist.

Relax and unwind with 6 different species to choose from, including the moon, spotted, diamond, red, flower hat, and sea nettle jellyfish. You can also control the number of jellyfish displayed and interact with them by tapping on them to change their color or light color.

Upgrade to PRO and choose your favorite music to play while you watch. You can even set a screenshot as your wallpaper or share beautiful images with your friends via email, MMS, or your favorite social media platforms.

No time to go to the aquarium? Trouble sleeping? Let Jellyfish Heaven help you relax and enjoy the calming presence of these beautiful creatures anytime, anywhere.
(:3)彡 (:3)彡 (:3)彡

Sound effects by TAM Music Factory (
BGM by Rengoku Teien (
Daichi Sasaki