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SetMyCamera Mx is the perfect balance for photographers desiring intermediate features to achieve award winning photographs.

SetMyCamera is a utility for photography enthusiasts and professionals. The goal of SetMyCamera assists in configuring your camera for perfect photos. SetMyCamera can be used with any DSLR, SLR, film or digital camera with user adjustable settings.

SetMyCamera can be used as a field guide or learning assistant. The animated graphics assist in learning while the ease of use allows for testing potential camera settings.

This version of SetMyCamera offers a mid range of available features for inspiring photos, and can be upgraded for more advanced features.

Main Features of SetMyCamera:

Depth of field describe the region of the photo that will be in sharp focus. SetMyCamera displays the in focus region with an animated graphic for better understanding. Hyperfocal distances are also displayed. Use of speed boosters, teleconverters, bellows, extension tubes and diopters are supported. Adjustments for different photo print sizes or viewing distances is included as an advanced feature.

Reverse depth of field as an innovative and exclusive feature of SetMyCamera to enable finding the focus point and optimal aperture (f/stop) or lens focal length for situations where the near and far in focus points are known. The included animated graphic assists in visualizing the settings.

Flash Calculations to determine optimal settings when a camera flash is used including calculations for ISO, aperture, distance and flash power settings.

Calculations for exposure value, neutral density filters and related reciprocity.

Angle of view and reverse angle of view calculations. Determine subject photo dimensions, distance or optimal lens.

Equivalence calculator to compare non standard sensor, film or imaging sizes to standard 35mm.

Remote camera triggering for use with supported cameras and can be used for group photos, long exposure, high dynamic range or other advanced compositions. Please see for details of supported cameras.

Shutter speed recommendations to overcome blurred photos based upon your camera and target scene.

Field of View utility to assist in composing photos. Includes features for hot spot detection, motion stabilization and image brightness. Can be used with any of the iPhone/iPad’s cameras.

SetMyCamera includes an iPhone companion app for Apple Watch.

In App Tutorial explains the use of each feature. All entries can be performed using easy thumbwheel settings for fast inputs in the field without typing. Animated graphics are also used to assist in understanding.

Extensive list of pre defined cameras or define your own. All calculations support Imperial and Metric units.

Some features may require in app purchases. For a comparison chart of included features please visit

What others say about SetMyCamera:
“SetMyCamera aids depth of field calculations and serves as a great teaching tool” – MacWorld

SetMyCamera respects your privacy by not collecting user data.

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