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Het Weer in Nederland

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Het Weer in Nederland

Stay up to date with the current weather conditions in the Netherlands. Data live from the Dutch National Weather Service KNMI.

Het Weer in Nederland now contains 20+ maps, forecasts and other items!

- Forecasts for today, this evening and tomorrow
- Satellite images (visible light + infra red)
- Detailed 5 day + text-forecast
- Maps showing the current temperatures, wind speed (m/s and bft) and visibility
- Precipitation map + more measurement maps
- Weather Alarm
- Two precipitation radarviews
- 24-hour KNMI-weather statistics (temperature, wind, air pressure, moisture) for your location in the Netherlands.

PLUS: 4 great weather widgets with realiable weather reports for your location.

Data is downloaded from the Dutch national meteorological institute KNMI. Due to the nature of this source, some content (specifically the text forecast) is written in Dutch.

We do our utmost to deliver you the best software and data available in the market, but of course we cannot guarantee the proper functioning or accuracy of both. Data sources can change over time. You can not derive rights from this information. By downloading and using Het Weer in Nederland you accept these terms.

The rough location permission is necessary to enable the app to show you your local weatherdata. It is not used nor stored for anything else at all.
Martijn de Meulder