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Wind App

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Wind App

Do you want to go sailing, windsurfing, biking or just out of the door? This application shows the current local outdoor wind speed (in beaufort, mph, km/h and knots) and direction, measured by a nearby weather station for which it uses your current location.

- The background color changes with the wind speed
- The direction of the wind is shown on a live compass
- Change between different wind speed units (beaufort, mph, km/h, m/s, knots)
- Change arrow poining direction to either from wind or to wind (weather vane)
- The wind is automatically updated every hour
- The location is automatically updated when you move more than 5 miles/10km
- The current wind date can be shared
- Support for iPhone X
- Support for the iPad multitasking (split view..)

Runs on the Apple Watch:
- wind speed and direction
- the background color changes with the wind speed
- wind mill speed indicates wind speed
- watch app and glance interface for a quick lookup
Piet Jonas