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50 Places You Must Visit

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50 Places You Must Visit

If you adore traveling and there is no guarantee that tomorrow you can be found in the same city where have you been yesterday; if you can't imagine your life without the backpack and overnight stays at the new location; If your passport is full of stamps from the airports of different countries, it means that our new app was designed specifically for you - 50 Places You Must Visit.

Here you will find the map where the 50 most popular tourist destinations in the world marked. These places yearly attract fans of strong impressions with the beauty of their sights. If you can not choose the location for the next trip, our app can help you.

How To Use: 50 Places You Must Visit app provides you with a world map and 50 marks there. Tap a mark to read information about a particular tourist attraction. If you've already been there, you can change the marker.

50 Places You Must Visit - features:
- 50 ideas for your next trip;
- Possibility to mark the places that you have visited on the map;
- Interesting facts about each place;
- User-friendly design and high-quality pictures.

Try to mark all the places on the map as soon as possible in our application 50 Places You Must Visit!
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