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4tune is an app that will remind you of your daily schedule of events in a fun manner.
It will send notifications of your scheduled events along with your fortune at that time to your iPhone or Apple Watch.
You will not be late anymore!

- Syncs with iOS Cal
This app will sync with iOS Cal and notify you 4 minutes before your scheduled event.

- Displays your personal biorhythm
By entering your birthday you can check your biorhythm at the time of notification.
The biorhythm displayed is calculated using Eastern Divination.
Enjoy seeing your biorhythm change through time.

- Enhance convenience with Apple Watch
This app is compatible with Apple Watch.
By linking 4tune with an Apple Watch you can receive notifications even when you don’t have your iPhone around.
Checking your events when you can’t check your iPhone or during work won’t be a problem anymore.