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4dbody Fitness

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4dbody Fitness

4dbody Fitness App helps fitness club members to track and store their workouts outside the club, and displays those sessions right beside the sessions at the club. Trainers are then able to review all members’ activities so they can help them improve performance, keep their weight under control, and enjoy a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

The app works with all chest and arm-based 4dbody-Uptivo heart rate sensors to provide accurate and engaging cardio frequency-based effort tracking and monitor individual training sessions. Real-time training monitoring makes workouts competitive and engaging and boosts members’ motivation while building a collaborative environment.

Monitor your workouts and training

The 4dbody Fitness app provides real-time information on your workout and training session so that you can conveniently adjust your effort to suit your training goals, such as tracking your actual heart rate, HR training zone split, duration, or calories burned.

Record and upload your training to the cloud

The 4dbody Fitness app automatically synchronizes each new training session with your 4dbody-Uptivo account to provide a complete overview of your progress with daily and weekly reports as well as an accurate and detailed analysis of all your workouts.

Go through your training journal

Take advantage of the 4dbody Fitness app to review past training session. Browse through the calendar, find the training you want to review, and review the duration and performance levels to use as benchmarks for your progress.

Assess your fitness level and progress

The 4dbody Fitness app features an easy to use Fitness Test to assess your current fitness level and get an immediate score based on recovery time. Run the test every 6-8 weeks to monitor your progress!

Update your profile

Your personal profile information is available online and can be accessed from any platform via a web browser or directly from the 4dbody Fitness app. You can review and edit your personal information, add a new picture to your profile, and update your bio-metric data.


The 4dbody Fitness app is available for Apple Watch (watchOS 5 or greater). The 4dbody Fitness app receives heart rate data through Apple Health when using the Apple Watch.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.