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Handy Timetable Pro

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Handy Timetable Pro

Handy Timetable is simple and easy application to manage courses and lessons.
Handy Timetable Pro helps store as much as 60 timetables at maximum as to reserve past semester’s timetable and memos etc, and store and confirm friends’ timetable on my phone.
Design your school life using Handy Timetable !!

【 Features 】
- Easy to use and intuitive interface
- Simple to confirm the class hour of each class
- Simple memo for each course
- Assignment and exam schedule of each course able to be stored
- Separating A and B we ek into making two kinds of timetable
- Easy to share timetable using twitter and email
- Making timetable to image able to be stored into photo album
- Free to designate the extent of both week and periods
- The axises position of week and classes can be altered

【 What happen at pro-version? 】
- No Ads

# Please send emails to [email protected] if you have any issues and find bugs.
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