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Audio Tours of Jerusalem

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Audio Tours of Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Development Authority invites independent travelers to experience Jerusalem with their own personal audio guide – using their phone. This application offers a choice of dozens of routes, and leads you round a variety of intriguing sites. All you have to do is walk and listen.

Each audio tour includes explanations and GPS maps with the destination sites clearly marked, for easy orientation.

You do not need an internet connection while touring.

The tours are available in Hebrew, English, French and Russian.

You can also use geo-location, to alert you as you approach each site.

In the Old City there are 23 different fascinating routes. You can choose to wander round its narrow alleys, visit its colorful markets, or experience the tastes and aromas found only in Old Jerusalem. Perhaps take a journey in time to the heart of the city that has been a focus of religious and spiritual activity for thousands of years, or discover new and unique places, hidden from sight.

The tours include: Old City Wall Promenade, Markets, Mount of Olives, the Jewish Quarter, Christian Sites, and more.

** Five of the Old City tours are accessible to people with motor disabilities.
** All tours include written explanations for the hard-of-hearing.

Jerusalem City Center is an attractive public space, with numerous restaurants and shops, as well as art and cultural institutions and historical sites. There is a choice of three routes:

Lions in Jerusalem: This tour introduces us to some of the many lions in Jerusalem, as we visit heritage sites and charming spots. The Downtown Triangle formed by Jaffa Road, King George Street and Ben Yehuda Street is the heart of the new city. This tour takes us there for entertainment, to sip coffee, eat pizza (the first pizzeria in Jerusalem), drink arak, and hear what well-known writers thought about some of these places. Beyond the Walls: We'll visit the first sites, neighborhoods and buildings constructed outside the walls of the Old City. We will peep at houses and courtyards and discover that fascinating stories are hidden behind the walls.

Jerusalem Park is a metropolitan park in the open spaces around Jerusalem. Here you can choose from four routes:

Nachal Tsofim is a green lung for the city, with a variety of plants, animals and ancient ruins. In the restored Nachal Refa'im we can visit springs, some with caves and tunnels built hundreds and thousands of years ago. We can enjoy the orchard fruit trees and observe the birds and wild animals such as jackals, gazelles and foxes. In winter and spring the wildflowers are breath-taking, and the route includes shaded areas and playground facilities. In Emek Ha'arazim (Cedar Valley) we can enjoy the sweeping views of the Jerusalem Hills, small springs, agricultural terraces and the remains of ancient orchards, songbirds and an important ecological passageway. Along the Emek Motza route we will encounter pine forests, old orchards and a Mediterranean grove. Many animals live in this valley: gazelles, porcupines, hedgehogs, hyenas, and more. In winter, when the reservoir is full, many water birds gather here. Finally the route takes us to the historic Beit Yellin and the ancient Synagogue in Motza.

** All routes in Jerusalem Park are also suitable for bicycles, baby carriages and people with disabilities.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We advise you to quit the app when finished.
Jerusalem Development Authority