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StarLine Alarm

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StarLine Alarm

StarLine Telematics: your vehicle is on your palm!

Download the free StarLine mobile application to manage your car security settings from your smartphone. The application will work with any StarLine GSM alarm systems, GSM modules and trackers. Use the demo mode to learn more about the application.

For non-commercial use only.
The positioning accuracy depends on the satellite signal strength and may vary according to the map service of choice.


Simple registration
- Register your car security system using a simple installation wizard.

Easy device selection
- Manage several StarLine devices: convenient for owners of several vehicles

Easy to set up and manage
- Arm and disarm your car security system;
- Start and shut down your engine at unlimited distance
- (*) Choose auto-start parameters with certain timer and temperature settings, set up a time for engine warm-up
- In emergencies use "Anti-hijack" mode: your vehicle's engine will shut down at a safe distance from you
- (*) If you pass your vehicle for repair or diagnostics, set your security settings to "valet" mode
- Find your vehicle on a parking lot by activating a short siren signal
- (*) Adjust shock and tilt sensor settings manually or turn them off when parking in a busy place
- Create shortcuts for often used commands

Intuitive vehicle's status indication
- Make sure that the alarm system is armed
- (*) The intuitive interface allows interpreting and understanding all security messages at a glance.
- (*) You can see your device’s SIM card balance, car battery voltage, engine and interior temperature

Get messages about any events with your vehicle
- Receive PUSH messages on any events with your vehicle (alarm, engine started, security disarm etc.)
- Select the types of messages you want to receive
- Browse the log list to control an engine start-ups
- (*) Learn device SIM card balance: low balance alerts delivered via PUSH messages

Monitoring of your vehicle
- (*) Comprehensive monitoring with track record. Review the routs length and speed on each part of track
- Find your car location at online map in just seconds
- Select the most convenient type of map
- Find your own positioning

Quick Help
- Call to StarLine Support hotline directly from your App!
- Rescue and assistance service numbers have been added (you change it to your local rescue numbers)
- Feedback form has been embedded.

We are always happy to answer your questions. The StarLine team is on call 24 hours
StarLine support hotline:
- Russia: 8-800-333-80-30
- Ukraine: 0-800-502-308
- Kazakhstan: 8-800-070-80-30
- Belarus: 8-10-8000-333-80-30
- Germany: 02181-81955-35
- Estonia: 372-5104800
- Poland: +48 602 199 049

StarLine LLC, developer and manufacturer of security telematic equipment under StarLine brand, reserves the right to unilaterally make improvements in design and interface of the mobile application.

StarLine: Affordable Telematics!
StarLine LLC