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Ski run

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Ski run

Ski run is the app for skiers and snowboarders. Find out where, the altitude and how fast you've been. You can watch the route and runs on a map and analyze your run with graphs. Inspire your fellow skiers by showing your runs and trophies.

• View runs & routes on a map
• Automatically records runs and lifts
• Analyze your routes and tracks using graphs
• Save your activities to Apple Health
• Earn trophies with your Ski Run
• Save your favorite locations
• Export your routes via email to GPS Exchange Format (GPX) incl. speed and altitude
• Open you routes in other apps (Google Earth/Dropbox, etc)
• Unit selection (metric & imperial/USA)
• Dark mode

No internet required
To record a run you do not need internet.

The quality of the GPS signal can be influenced by weather and other factors. 
 Prolonged use of the GPS signal, the battery faster. Due to limitation of the location services on the iPod Touch, an external GPS module is required for use with an iPod Touch.

For questions or suggestions please mail to:
[email protected]
Appmanschap B.V.