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ING Bankieren

by ING
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ING Bankieren

by ING
With the Mobile Banking App, your bank is always with you. A quick balance check, transfer to your savings or paying a bill: the app does it all. For personal and business accounts.

Lots of tools and features

• You can confirm orders with your mobile.

• Super simple transfers, withdrawal overview and scheduling of savings orders.

• Paid for your friends? Create a payment request and get your money back.

• If you want to, you can look ahead 35 days and see your future transactions.

• The app has its own daily limit, which you can set and change.

• It’s all there: you can pay, save, borrow, invest, get a credit card and even view your ING insurances.

• Want to fix something quickly? Like blocking your card or changing your address? Just do it in the app, it’s easy as pie.
• Don’t have an ING account yet? Open one in the app.

Are my details safe and secure in the app?

Yes, your banking is done via a secured connection. No personal details are stored on your phone or tablet. If you always use the latest version of the app, you enjoy optimal security and the latest features.

Here is what you need

After downloading the app, it’s time to activate it. To do so, you need: a Dutch ING Current account, access to My ING and, lastly, an ING debit card ór a valid ID. This can be a passport, an ID card from the EU, an ID card for foreign nationals or a Dutch residence permit.