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Jokes Planet

by Croamac
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Jokes Planet

by Croamac
◆ ◆ ◆ Need a break ? Jokes Planet is the best app for jokes, with a fun interface and a real-time chat ! ◆ ◆ ◆

Do you see people suddenly laughing around you ? This is certainly the work of Jokes Planet, a dangerous app that has done considerable damage among the population, not to be taken lightly ! We seriously think about all the means that we have to eradicate this epidemic of good humor and joy. You are asked to report any attempted use, please consider any peal of laughter suspect. Thank you for your cooperation !

However, if you want to install Jokes Planet, your mission is to flush out the best and worst jokes and thus solve the mystery that makes so many people gloat over. To achieve your goal, you will have at your disposal :

• only good jokes, if you don't like a joke just take it down
• if a joke is particularly killing funny, put it asides in favorites, we will sort it out later
• share some jokes to enlist your most grumpy friends, you can even attach a selfie to be more persuasive.
• keep under surveillance the comments and the activity of other users in real time, you never know.
• if the notification for the joke of the day somehow is trying to convert you, please resist !
• do not trust the widget that inserts tall stories into the privacy of your "today" screen