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What more can you do with the 4411-application?

- Park on-street
- Park off-street
- De Lijn tickets for bus and tram
- Charge your electric vehicle
- Divide your personal and business costs through the use of our Easy and Pro accoun

Why should you park with the 4411 - application?

1. Don’t worry about cash
2. Only pay your effective parking time
3. You get notified when the max. parking time is expired
4. All your parking sessions are bundled in a monthly detailed bill
5. The zone code is selected based on the geolocation

How can you pay afterwards with the application?

1. Are you a Proximus, Scarlet of Orange customer? Pay via your monthly mobile bill
2. Bank transfer
3. Monthly automatic payment via a linked bank card
4. Monthly automatic payment via a linked credit card
5. Online payment functions on the 4411 website

You can check all of your transactions and sessions on
Need any help? Don’t hesitate to contact us via or 078/ 05 4411.