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Tattoo Trends

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Tattoo Trends

From the founders of the awarded Instagram pages and @inkstinctcolors, “Tattoo Trends” is a platform that beautifully showcase tattoo trends in every city in the World, featuring the largest and most updated tattoo studios directory.
Who is the most influential Tattoo Artist or the most promising apprentice in New York City, London, Manila or in your city?

What is Inkstinct, then?

FOR USERS (our favorite tattoo lovers)

• The most complete tattoo studio directory
• Tattoo trends in every city in World in a custom feed
• Upload your own tattoos in your profile
• Ask an expert: we can help you find the right tattoo studio


• Create your profile importing your work directly from Instagram
• Boost your best work, get clicks and popularity in your city
• Discover tattoo trends all over the World
Inkstinct, Inc.