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Ski Dice

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Ski Dice

World Champion Freeskier Jossi Wells presents the must have app for EVERY Freeskier this winter - the world's first ever 'Ski Dice' App for iPhone. 

As seen on ESPN, Newschoolers, Freeskier, Spatziba, Downdays and more and now features the world's first Ski Tricktionary and Slopestyle Mode.

Are you into jibbing and jumping and want to become a better freeskier? Want to challenge your buddies on the slopes? Want a bigger bag of tricks? The 'Ski Dice' App is for YOU and can make your most mundane day on the hill more exciting than a trip to Disneyland.

The 'Ski Dice' app is aimed for freeskiers of all ability levels. So from straight air to 1080's, 'Ski Dice' will have you covered.

The 'Ski Dice' App allows you to 'Roll the Dice' and get a random trick for you to attempt on the slopes. Want easier tricks? No problem. Just change the settings and the dice will be totally customized to you and your ability level. Rails or jumps - you'd decide how much of a challenge you want.

Using the 'Ski Dice' App is simple:
- Download the 'Ski Dice' App
- Launch the App when your out on the snow and ready to throw down
- Physically shake your iPhone to 'Roll the Dice'
- Read out the trick that the 'Ski Dice' randomly selects
- Go and try the trick!

'SKI DICE' : Shake - Roll - Go!

- In App Purchase Multiplayer Game of S.H.R.E.D.
- Ski Tricktionary
- Slopestyle Mode
- Jump and Rail Modes
- 6 different grabs options for jumps
- All 4 spin directions while jumping
- Rail mode includes lipslides and pretzels
- Spin on/off options for jibbing
- Big Graphics for easy viewing on the hill
- 'Choose a Spin' and 'Choose a Grab' wildcard options
- Customs settings for 180-1080 jump options
- Easy, Medium and Hard Rail Mode Settings
- Literally thousands of different trick combinations

What is the Tricktionary?
Comprehensive descriptions and breakdowns for EVERY trick in the book. Don't know what an safety grab is? Just hold down your finger on any of the dice and let the 'Snow Dice' tell you.

What's Slopestyle Mode?
Now you can choose up to 3 tricks in a row to roll. Jump, rail to jump, an all rail jib session or any combo of your choosing. Practice going back to back tricks down the park as you roll the dice and swipe along to see your line. The app automatically realizes if you come in switch from a feature to hit the next feature the same way so no more reverting around. Your now set to go, challenge yourself and become a better slope style rider.

What is the Game Of S.H.R.E.D. ?
Now you can play Ski Dice against your friends or anyone in the world! Roll the dice, tell Ski Dice if you landed the trick, and then your friend has to try. Land your tricks and avoid getting letters to win the game.

Want easier tricks? No problem. Just change the settings and the dice will be totally customized to you and your ability level. Rails or jumps, straight airs to 1080's - you'd decide how much of a challenge you want. 

For giveaways, trick updates, exclusive videos and more join the worldwide 'Ski Dice' community at

This is NOT a video game! The 'Ski Dice' App is designed for real skiers to use on the hill when they are actually skiing.

Freesking is an extreme sport which can sometime results in injuries and even death. Send It! Apps, Jossi Wells and the 'Ski Dice' staff are not legally liable for any accidents that might occur while trying the tricks the 'Ski Dice' App suggests. If you do not feel comfortable trying a 'Ski Dice' trick, PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT! The 'Ski Dice' App is a progression tool, not an excuse to try something you aren't ready for. Practice common sense, always wear a helmet and ride to your ability level. By choosing to buy this app you agree to these warnings.

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