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ZKB Mobile Banking

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ZKB Mobile Banking

Zürcher Kantonalbank on your smartphone.

ZKB Mobile Banking gives you flexible access to your finances and lets you handle your banking needs on your smartphone. Check your account balances, scan and pay QR invoices, transfer between accounts, set up standing orders or check the stock market and purchase stocks.


- To use ZKB Mobile Banking you must be a Zürcher Kantonalbank customer


- Reliable and secure thanks to the highest safety standards
- Log in using a password or with biometrics
- Find important features and the latest news in "Home"


- Overview of accounts and custody accounts
- Most recent bookings and balances
- Overview of mortgages and loans


- Enter payments, account transfers and standing orders
- Scan and pay invoices
- Approve eBills
- Check and edit pending payments


- Buy and sell stocks
- Personal watchlist
- Search for equities, fonds and bonds
- Status of your orders


- Manage and block bank cards
- Open new accounts and custody accounts
- Send and receive messages
- Find important or emergency phone numbers
- Get ZKB Nachtschwärmer ticket for the ZVV network (for ZKB young or ZKB student packages)
- Subscriptions for PubliBike bike-sharing networks (Züri Velo)
Zürcher Kantonalbank