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by Amtelco
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by Amtelco
miSecureMessages is a secure messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption to keep your messages private. Built for iOS devices and Apple Watch. Messages can be sent securely from device to device, and by using the secure cloud-based or on-site directory solution. Designed with healthcare in mind, miSecureMessages is a complete messaging solution for instant, reliable, HIPAA compliant communications within your healthcare organization. When you receive a message from miSecureMessages, a Persistent Alert notifies you until you acknowledge the message. You can view the message, and quickly send a secure reply. miSecureMessages is perfect for healthcare professionals to protect patient PHI and communicate quickly within Care Teams, as well as industries that need secure business messaging., MSM can be easily implemented in call centers and enterprise environments as well. From care team to call center to corporate, miSecureMessages: Simple. Streamlined. Secure.

Nursing staff and doctors will appreciate the speed and ease of communication with miSecureMessages. As a secure messaging solution with a simple and intuitive interface, miSecureMessages will keep your doctors and nurses connected, ensuring every critical message is delivered quickly and clearly. Fast and reliable two-way communication when it matters most.

For healthcare IT professionals, miSecureMessages easily connects to your existing systems, making maintenance and support streamlined and stress-free. Flexibility and customization are core features of this secure messaging app, so it can easily adapt to your changing IT environment. Our responsive development and support teams, all based in the US, will ensure that you spend less time training and troubleshooting.

Call centers benefit from the robust reporting, trackability, and interoperability of miSecureMessages. With clearly documented read receipts, you’ll always know when a critical message was delivered, opened, and read, keeping your care team or corporate team accountable. Rest easy knowing the message was delivered quickly and securely with miSecureMessages.

Key Features:

-End-to-end encryption
-Off-device message storage
-Group messaging
-Persistent alerts/push notifications
-Send attachments (photos, videos, audio recordings)
-Intuitive interface
-HIPAA compliant
-Keep sensitive content away from personal content
-Works on mobile data and WiFi
-Type, speak, or use customizable quick phrases
-Instantly see status of contacts (online, offline, DND)
-Contacts set up in circles (custom or by department) for fast access to the right people
-Complete activity audit trails
-Easy reporting and analytics
-Third-party integration via API
-Replaces pagers and unsecure SMS

For more information, contact AMTELCO at 800-356-9148 or e-mail [email protected].

New phone or device? Re-install the miSecureMessages app and Log In with your existing miSecureMessages credentials. If you don’t know what your login credentials are, contact your miSecureMessages System Administrator or Certified Provider. This may be your answering service or call center, or your main point of contact within your organization for miSecureMessages.

Requires a connection to cloud-based or on-site miSecureMessages solution provided by AMTELCO.