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MeetGrinder was inspired by a desire to reduce the time and money wasted in the course of normal business, political or personal activity. An example is the practice of frequent and ineffective meetings in the corporate world. MeetGrinder gives you a simple but effective tool for measuring the time and money spent in any activity. This knowledge can be used to illustrate to people exactly what the cost of these activities are and allow them to weigh the benefits against that cost.

Usage of the app is:
(Main Window):

- Enter the number of participants.
- Tap Start when the meeting or activity begins.
- Tap Stop when the meeting or activity ends.
- Display shows:
- Running time of the meeting.
- Running cost of the meeting, incrementally adding cost based on current settings of number of

(Utility Window):
- Enter the $ per hour rate to apply in calculating the cost of the meeting.
- Enter alarm sounds and alarm thresholds for meeting time or cost

I hope you enjoy this app. I welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements. Please send email to: [email protected]

Thank You,

Neil Schreiber

neils4fun corp.