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Suggestion Box

by Soluble
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Suggestion Box

by Soluble
Whether you use improvisational techniques as a performance artist, drama student, teacher or facilitator, or just need a stream of fresh ideas for use in party games, Suggestion Box is a constant source of stimulating suggestions to try out at your next improv jam or training session.

The app was developed in collaboration with members of “The Suggestibles”, one of England’s foremost improvisational groups, who have many decades of performing and improvisational training experience between them.

Their input has lead to the inclusion of two unique features-

• Customise your lists by adding, editing and deleting your own suggestions. This means you can ensure they contain suggestions your audience can relate to, and you can include local people and places.

• Combine suggestions into a list. Just tap a suggestion to add it to the list.

Categories include- Interior and Exterior locations, foreign and regional accents, occupations, movie and TV styles, musical genres, emotions, physical objects and male and female characters.