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Countdown Me

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Countdown Me

Create an event, or select one from your calendar and track remaining days on the app icon’s badge or in the Today widget. See remaining days without opening the app.

Countdown Me lets you

- see remaining days to your most important event without opening the app - on the app icon’s badge.
- see a list of your countdowns without opening the app - in the Today widget.
- create a new countdown quickly by selecting existing event from your calendar (in addition to creating of a new event in the app)
- create an alert for an approaching event
- see detailed counting: not only days, but also hours, minutes, seconds (you can enable this inside the app in settings)
- share the countdown with your friends & family


We use Apple PUSH Notification technology for updating of icon’s badge number. It means, that for the feature to work, you should connect to the internet regularly. This is a limitation imposed by Apple—there is no other usable way how to change the badge number. The rest of the app functionality remains untouched by this limitation.

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