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4 Games

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4 Games

Four games are included in this Apple Watch App: Monkey Test, Simon, ESP Test and Tic-Tac-Huh.

Monkey Test.
Do you fear what happened in 'Planet of the Apes' will really happen? Researchers in Japan developed this test and found Chimpanezes did far better than humans [TRUE, I am not kidding]. So save the world and work with 'Monkey Test' until you are advanced. Or just enjoy playing the game. This game has been dumbed down for humans, so enjoy!

A sequence of lights are shown to you and it is your job to enter the same sequence. Not that you will save the world with this skill but you can amaze your friends.

ESP Test.
Dr. Fraud is looking for people with ESP. This is a simple guesinng again, if you do better then 1 out of 6 you are doing better than average and it is time to go to Las Vegas.

This App is pretty dumb, so you should be able to win most of the games. Be careful, it may also cheat.

This App uses Apple Watch Glance and Press Menu technology. Press instead of tapping your watch on each games and it will give you information on the game.

Jeff Lefavi