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Track the three most important things, and more, with 3things!

Track things:
You can add up to three things to track. If you want to be reminded, you can schedule a reminder. Once you are done with your thing, simply press the done button! With only three important things, you stay focused and more organized!

There is a dedicated space to add journal entries! Keep track of your journal entries and add as many journal entries as you need.

Quickly add items to a checklist and check them off when you need to remove them!

Quickly glance at each of your things, right from the home screen!

iCloud Syncing:
3things will sync across all of your devices that can run 3things! If you purchase 3things+ on one device, you can access it on all other devices that run 3things (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) at no additional cost.

Get access to some great additional features in 3things! Add an extra layer of security with biometric authentication, scan & import text from paper, change the app icon, set a custom greeting, and set a custom tint/theme color. More features are always being added!
Rishi Malhotra