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The best Tripmaster ever made.

Now integrated with Flic and Flic 2, the smartest wireless buttons (!

Using 3pMaster you will be able to be always a step ahead, thanks to the easiness of use and the number of possible customisations.

Main features are:
● All the relevant information are always available on the Main View (Stage Number, Total and Partial Distance, GPS Accuracy)
● Swipe top to bottom to show additional data (coordinate and compass)
● Reset the Partial Distance
● Control the app via Flic and Flic 2, the smartest wireless buttons (
● Manual adjustment of the distances is available at any time (by entering the updated distance or increasing/decreasing it via the "+" and "-" buttons)
● Reverse/Rewind button to decrease the drown distances in case you missed a turn (or similar)
● Pause button in case you need to temporarily stop the trail
● Show your track in real time on the map (requires data connection)
● Customise the position of the Next button on the screen (left or right)
● Test the GPS reception quality (in Settings)
● Select the GPS accuracy to discard measurements that are not good enough
● Manually or automatically save your tracks (enable Auto Save to save them all)
● Add your own informations to the saved tracks (name and description/notes)
● Possibility to export the saved tracks in GPX or KML format (accessible from the saved tracks list in the Map View)
● Share an image of your track with your friends
● Works with miles or kilometres, by choosing your device settings or letting you choose what you prefer ("Settings")
● "Dark Mode" support to use the app during the night or with low light situations (you can customise it in "Settings")
● Reduce the risk to erroneously change the view by enabling the "two fingers swipe" ("Settings")
● Keep on eye on the slopes using the app inclinometer (customisable in "Settings").
● Possibility to set alarms based on the car inclination ("Inclination alert") or the sudden change of the inclination ("Gap alert")
● Possibility to enable audio confirmation for the navigations buttons (enabling "Sounds" in "Settings")
● Need support? An in-app tutorial and a contextual help are always available within the app. Give them a try!

Need a new feature? You experienced an issue or want to suggest us how to improve our 3pMaster? Tell us via support (at), directly within the app (from the "Settings") or via our support site.

If used with iPod Touch the app needs an external GPS
Data connection is only required to access the maps.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Please consider that 3pMaster relies on the device GPS to measure the distances you travel. Accuracy may vary depending of the GPS satellite reception quality.

Thanks to for several icons (
Thanks to Alice & Flavia for their patience.
3pMaster ltd