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Looking for a clean, minimalistic, easy-to-use and beautiful inclinometer for you off-road or urban adventures? 3pLevel is the app for you!!

3pLevel also supports Apple Watch!!!

... and if you have an iPad, consider to buy 3pLevel Pro.

With 3pLevel you can:
- control you inclination (rolling and pitching)
- control the maximum inclination reached (rolling and pitching)
- reset the maximum inclination (double tap on the inclinometer)
- choose between images and degrees representation
- customise the inclinometer views with your own car... or whatever car/image you want!
- choose the color that better fit your car or iPhone/iPod
- work in both portrait and landscape mode
- lock the screen orientation (landscape or portrait)
- calibrate the inclinometer based on your current "inclination status"
- enable/disable the local notification to be notified on the Apple Watch (only on iPhone 5 and higher)
- set up visual and audio alarms based on inclination thresholds or rapid inclination variations
- be assisted by our tutorial and contextual help from all the relevant screens.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can do much all of the following, directly from your wrist:
- get notified when the inclination goes over the limits set in the app settings
- get notified when the inclination changes more quickly than the limits set in the app settings
- check the inclination (rolling and pitching)
- check the maximum inclination reached (rolling and pitching)
- enable the measurement of the maximum inclination
- calibrate the inclination
- reset the maximum inclination

3pLevel is not enough? You might want to check our other apps for your off-road adventures.

You experienced an issue or you want to share with us a suggestion on how we could improve our apps? Tell us via support (at) or directly within the app (from the settings view).

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Thanks to Alice & Flavia for their patience.
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