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3M Fluency Mobile

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3M Fluency Mobile

3M M*Modal Fluency Mobile™ is a mobile application that allows clinicians to dictate encounter narrative, review and send the audio recording to a Medical Transcriptionist using secure data transmission, providing the ability to capture the patient story anytime, anywhere. The app allows clinicians to utilize a mobile dictation solution without carrying an extra device (DVR), having to dock a device, or having to find an available dictation station, PC or telephone in order to document a patient encounter. With flexible recording, playback and editing options, M*Modal Fluency Mobile™ lets clinicians dictate on their terms to help them work more naturally, reduce costs, relay their patient’s story more accurately and ultimately deliver better care. It builds on the same cloud-based M*Modal Speech Understanding™ technology powering all M*Modal solutions, so existing clinician voice profiles can be used easily and instantly for optimal accuracy.

• Patient search via name, patient ID, account number, barcode sticker scanning, or manual entry of data
• Patient lookup generated from a schedule interface with real-time updates when connected and view patients in chronological order of their appointment. (Requires separate interface)
• List of all work types supported by the Fluency For Transcription™ platform
• Online or offline dictation capture
• Ability to use LTE/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity for uploading dictations
• Ability to suspend jobs for later review/resume/completion
• Enhanced document review, edit, and E-Sign of transcribed reports capabilities
• Security features meeting HIPAA guidelines including authentication, inactivity timeout, encryption of data on device, secure communication over TLS 1.2
• M*Modal Transcription Services priority service level (STAT) support for rapid turnaround
• Ability to send direct feedback to M*Modal support from within the application
• More Physician and Workflow centric Intuitive UI
• iPad® Optimization with support for both landscape and portrait modes
• Adoption Services program

•M*Modal Fluency for Transcription™ platform customer
•iPhone mobile dictation option enabled on platform for your account
•Assigned user name and password (from facility admin)
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