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3D Workout Log Book

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3D Workout Log Book

Log exercises as you workout, and instantly get a visual representation of your workout on an interactive 3D model. The model updates with every exercise you perform, showing you a personalized model that changes as you move through your routine.

Liftometer takes into account multiple muscles that are engaged when performing exercises, providing an easy way to research exercises to help achieve your fitness goals. Find exercises that target specific muscle groups, and keep track of how much you work each muscle group. Log exercises, take measurements, look up routine history, and share your logs to compare performance.

The 3D model is a visual representation of your current workout, or all workouts in the last 7 days. Interact with the model to find new exercises to complement your current routine.

Stay motivated by sharing your progress and stats with your friends. Compare your results by exploring interactive comparison graphs that show progress over time.
Terry Demco