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Hong Kong Ferries Timetable 船期表!

by b123400
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Hong Kong Ferries Timetable 船期表!

by b123400
This app allows you to check ferry schedules in a convenient way.

-Build-in timetables for islands with details:
---Pier gate closing time
---Time Remaining
---Kind (slow or fast)
---Journey Time(*)
---Estimated Time Of Arrival(*)
---Prices (*)

-Use GPS to locates and selects island automatically.
-Automatically detects it's holiday or not, shows the corresponding timetable.(Build-in holiday calendar til 2011 ends)
-Select date manually (Default is today)
-Shows time remaining and kind of ferry(fast or slow) in the timetable
-More details after you tap inside
-Notification before ferry leaves
-Retina display is fully supported.

The following places are supported:
-Central Pier:
---Cheung Chau
---Yung Shue Wan
---Sok Kwu Wan
---Peng Chau
---Mui Wo
---Park Island
---Discovery Bay
-North Point Pier:
---Kowloon City
---Hung Hom

No internet required unless you need to use GPS.
Chinese, English and Japanese are fully supported.

(*) Only available for some island.
This app will not reload any new data if the official timetable changed, until the app gets updated, but I am not always free :(

I am not responsable for anything goes wrong, but you know that schedules of ferries seldom change.


---種類(快船 或 慢船)
---價錢 (*)

-開船前通知 (只限iOS4或以上)



(*) 只限部份航班