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Corewell Health App

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Corewell Health App

At Corewell Health, we are making your experience better by making it easier. Introducing the Corewell Health App, bringing care to your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it. 

What Can You Expect from the Corewell Health App? 

Take Control of Your Health Journey with MyChart: Access your health records at your fingertips. Quickly retrieve medical information, seamlessly view health data from other institutions, request prescription refills, view any health test results, and effortlessly communicate with your healthcare provider. 

On-Demand Video Visits: Experience healthcare on your terms. Connect with Corewell Health providers within minutes through video visits, addressing a diverse range of health concerns, all from wherever you are.   

Seamless Scheduling: Effortlessly schedule, reschedule, or cancel video or in-person appointments with our diverse network of 1000+ providers across primary and specialty care. 

Streamlined Experience: Your time matters. Navigate our user-friendly interface to make the most of your precious moments. Utilize features including eCopay, Fast Pass and eCheckin, designed to streamline your experience so you can focus on what truly matters. You can also message your provider and/or a billing specialist directly from the app.  

Constant Innovation: The Corewell Health app is always thinking ahead. It evolves to anticipate and cater to present and future needs. Stay prepared with our expanding capabilities, rolling out throughout the year. Integrate your Apple Health Kit account, so your personal health device data can be added to your Corewell Health MyChart.  

Safety and Security: Your privacy is our commitment. Safeguarding your personal health information is our top priority. The Corewell Health app adheres to HIPPAA compliance standards and fortified with multiple layers of security, ensuring your data’s safety both online and offline.  

Ready to experience the future of healthcare with Corewell Health? Visit to explore more and experience healthcare designed around you.  
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