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T-Mobile Austria mobile carrier has awared "Weinkultur" with the TopApp award !!! Commenting with: "...Austria's top winery guide..."

"Weinkultur" is an app winery guide (vineyard estate guide) for the beautiful Austrian area Styria, which is one of the world famous places for the best white wine by far ! It is an homage to this small landscape, which places an awareness of life to you - you never felt before.

Cast spell over yourself and dive into this countryside of wine culture, if you are wine expert or if you have become curious now or if you want to become a connoisseur in wine or if you just interested in!

Translated to English "Weinkultur" means wine culture - the app has implemented almost 100 Styrian vineyard estates with the following detailed features:

* awards
* detailed description of the winery
* business hours
* type of grapes
* type of wines
* winery map position
* winery route plan from your current position
* bookmarking system
* notes to winery

* vote for your favorite winery
* wine dictionary (grape knowledge)
* survey map

Furthermore your can call out of the app directly to the winery or write an email, website directly out of the app !
The bookmarkings system lets you choose your favorite vineyard estate as well as you can add notes to it.

This app includes more than 82 wineries and a lot of them are our cooperation partners, like:

winery Farnleitner
winery Frühwirth
winery Georgiberg
winery Giessauf-Nell
winery Gründl
winery Harkamp
winery Holler
winery Jöbstl
winery Krenn
winery Lackner Tinnacher
winery Lazaurs
winery Müller
winery Nekrep
winery Platzer
winery Polz
winery Posch
winery Reinisch
winery Sabathi Erwin
winery Sabathihof Dillinger
winery Schloss Seggau
winery Tement
winery Trabos
winery Trapl
winery Triebl
winery Tscheppe
winery Reichmann
winery Winkler-Hermanden
winery Zitz
winery Zweytick
and others !

A cooperation partner winery is highlighted by its company logo - we own a written permission to use company logos from all our cooperation partners !

We wish you much pleasure for this extraordinary app, which is much more than an ordinary winery guide !

All data are included in the app and will be updated continuously, so it does not stress your data plan, only a very minimum of data is needed, when the map of the winery is loaded !

This app does not include any annoying advertisement !

Literal errors or changes reserved no warranty for correctness of data !
Tobias Werner