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GPS Tracker Tool

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GPS Tracker Tool

More infos at (support url).

- You can NOT track other phones with this app! This is a "remote control" for one of the dedicated hardware GPS trackers from the list of compatible models.
- You cannot send SMS from iPod/iPad devices. However, you can still use the LIVE tracking features.

- app will draft SMS commands for you - no need to carry around the tracker's manual
- built-in compass for off-road navigation to tracker location
- offers cell triangulation as fallback
- reverse geocoding
- administration of multiple trackers
- visual set-up of geo-fence
- configurable unit system (mi, km/h – m, ft)
- quick commands = easy accessible custom commands
- in-app purchases to enable the LIVE tracking features for some models: Trip history, trip start & end alerts, speed alert, geo fences, KML export

You just copy the whole incoming SMS and switch to the app. It will then try to match it against known formats. All data can then usually be visualized on the map. Please understand that iOS DOES NOT ALLOW to intercept incoming SMS automatically! Some tracker models can be monitored via the internet.

Anywhere (TK 108),
Asta (EV07S*),
Concox (GT02, GT011, GT 100),
Incutex (TK 5000*, TK 104, TK 105*, TK 106, TK 116),
meitrack (VT 310 v6, VT 310 v7),
PAJ* (Allround, Easy, Gold, Motorcycle, Mini, Personal, Power, Professional),
Simvalley (GT 60, GT 170, GT 280),
TKstar* (Bike, 720, 816 OBD, 901, 905, 909, 915),
Toplovo (TL 202),
Wonde Proud (SPT 10, VT 10),
Xexun* (TK 101, TK 102, TK 102-2, TK 102v6, TK 103, TK 103-2, TK 104, TK 106, TK 201, TK 201-2, TK 202, TK 203, TK 206, XT 009)
* InApp live tracking via Internet for these models possible. After you made the tracker connect to the server, the feature can be activated with an InApp purchase.
Model names might not always be unique amongst manufacturers, so if your tracker came with a manual, you can check for compatibility here: (see also support-url)

- Please note that while you can send iMessages, you cannot send SMS from an iPad or iPod and therefore you would have very limited functionality on these devices. Still, an iPad would be a good choice for the LIVE tracking part.
- Since iOS 10, short messages which contain links will be broken up into two. This makes copying a whole message impossible. You might have to miss out on the app's ability to visualize an incoming message from certain trackers.

(If you experience any problem or have a feature request, please send us an e-mail. You find the address in the app's help section.)
Michael Hoereth