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36 Questions To Fall In Love.

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36 Questions To Fall In Love.

Arthur Aron’s psychology study has been featured on ABC, CBS, the Today Show, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Cosmo, KQED, the Huffington Post, and many local news sources.

First popularized by the New York Times article “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,” Arthur Aron’s study had participants ask each other a series of increasingly intimate questions. After the questions, participants looked into each others eyes for four minutes. Six months later, two of the participants got married.

This app differentiates itself from other 36 questions apps with:

Split Screen Mode - perfect for sitting across from each other at dinner. When using split screen mode, questions will appear in both directions on the device, so that both participants can see the question being asked.

Insomnia Mode - no need to perpetually unlock the device every time you are ready for the next question. When using insomnia mode, your device will not fall asleep.

Brightness Adjuster - don’t spoil the mood with the bright glare of your device. The brightness adjuster allows you to use the app even in romantic, low-lit settings.

Eye Contact Timer - built-in timer for the eye contact portion of the exercise. No need to switch to your clock app and be startled by a pesky alarm.
Krister Johnson