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Iphigénie | The Hiking Map App

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Iphigénie | The Hiking Map App

Iphigénie is the hiking map app for outdoor enthusiasts in France and around the world. Perfect for individuals (hikers, trailers, bikers, horse riders…) and professionals (guides, firefighters, surveyors, airmen, sailors, etc.) who need accurate maps.

Find more than 40 detailed topographic basemaps (including IGN maps, SwissTopo, IGN Spain, OpenTopo, OpenSnow, land registry, slope inclination), even while offline.

- Prepare your outing by downloading maps to access them offline
- Create, edit and import tracks
- Create and import markers (e.g. mushroom spots, departure points of routes, etc.)
- Print sections of the map if you need to
- Search for a specific location by name or by GPS details
- Access routes or landmarks from IGNRando or Data-Avalanche
- Access a 3D view and slope inclinations

- Geolocate yourself on the basemap of your choice
- Follow routes using GPS, without worrying about network availability
- Record your track
- Access real-time information such as distance traveled, elevation (±), average speed, current speed, estimated time of arrival, etc.
- Activate the beacon function to allow your loved ones to follow your progress in real-time
- Create specific voice alerts to guide you, even with your iPhone in your pocket

- Create groups of tracks/landmarks
- Store and backup all your data in the Cloud
- Export your GPS tracks and landmarks in GPX format
- Share your outings and landmarks with all your friends

What our customers say about us:
" Thanks to Iphigénie, I discover a lot of amazing new places. I note the slopes, the summits, the lakes... It saves me precious time, especially in remote places where there are very few indications and markings! ".

In the press :
20 minutes: " Hiking, like outdoor activities, has not missed the digital shift, as Alice (25) comments. "It's hugely appreciated to be able to check accurate IGN maps, including when you no longer have a connection, as happens a lot in the high mountains".

Download the free basic app
Download the basic application for free on your smartphone. This version allows you to be geolocated on one of the 25 free base maps such as Open Topo Map, Open Cycle Map, Open Snow map. The world is within reach!
You will also have access to real-time information such as your position/course/altitude/speed.

Download the complete app with the “Iphigénie Carto” subscription
The Iphigénie Carto subscription is €24.99 per year. It gives you access to 40 base maps including those of IGN. These maps can be downloaded on your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Watch) so that you can access them even without a network.
‍You also have access to the full potential of Iphigénie by finding all the features mentioned above.

Good to know: you have 7 days to test the complete app for free.

List of available maps:
- IGN France
- SwissTopo
- IGN Spain
- IGN Belgium
- BKG Germany
- Kartverket Norway
- Cartographic Institute of Catalunya
- OpenTopo
- OpenCycle
- OpenSnow
- Satellite view
- Cadastre
- Slope inclination
- Restricted areas for drones
- Historical maps of France
- Geological and mining maps (France)
- National Forestry Office

We donate 1% of our turnover to 1% for the Planet to help preserve the environment.