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With WorkTimes you can easily track and manage your hours worked and see your overtime at a glance.

WorkTimes is an hours tracker primarily designed for employees with regular working hours.

Based on your normal working hours, WorkTimes automatically calculates the overtime you have worked. You can also manually reduce your overtime e.g. when you receive overtime pay.

Tag your records: Use tags to track the time you have worked on individual projects, customers or any other activities you’ve spent time on. You can also assign a duration, decimal number or amount of money for each tag.


• Track multiple accounts and jobs
• Track and manage your hours worked, vacation days, sick days and public holiday
• Use the time clock to easily clock in for work
• Automatic overtime calculation
• Manually add and reduce overtime
• Weekly, monthly and yearly reports of your hours worked
• Export via email (CSV and Excel 2007+)
• Tag your time worked
• Evaluate tagged records
• Manage and evaluate vacation days, sick days and public holidays


You can use WorkTimes for free with a limit of 10 days of recordings per account.

To track unlimited days in WorkTimes, you have to subscribe. We offer a 3-month or annual subscription. Try out all features with a 7-day trial.


If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at [email protected] or via Twitter (@WorkTimesApp).

Florian Mielke