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Katakana Trainer

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Katakana Trainer

Here is an easy way to learn Katakana.

Katakana is one of the three main character sets used in Japan. It is mainly used to transcribe western words, country names, and personal names.

This program is a simple Katakana trainer that let's you identify the main syllables used for words written with this character set.

Start of easy with only three characters to recognize from. As you get better you'll advance to higher levels with more letters to choose from.

In order to advance to the next level you'll need to identify five characters correctly in a row. Get three wrong answers in a row and you'll drop a level.

Tap the reverse button to switch between katakana view and latin view.

In reference mode simply press one of the characters to identify the corresponding latin representation.

Game modes:
- Select your level
- Reverse direction to identify the letter being displayed in katakana.
- Practice on your Apple Watch

Enjoy learning katakana.

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