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BatteryFull +

by Teokoul
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BatteryFull +

by Teokoul
*1st App with Charged Notification since 2009
*120k users worldwide

You no longer need to waste your time looking at your iPhone till your battery is charged, you will be alerted once your battery reaches your desired level. With the Apple Watch app, you can check your iPhone charging progress from your watch, making things even more convenient.

In addition to the charged notifications, BatteryFull+ (alarm) now provides a history of your charging sessions. You can track how long it takes to charge your device, and see how much time you spend charging it. With this feature, you can optimize your charging habits and extend your device's battery life.

How does it Work?

For iPhone Users
Simply plug in your device and turn on the app. Set the alarm by moving the alarm icon to your desired level, and activate it by clicking "Set Alarm." Keep the app open and your phone unlocked for the alarm to sound at the desired level. With the pro feature, you can also view your charging history and track your charging habits to optimize your device's battery life.

For Apple Watch Users
You can check the battery level of your iPhone anytime or you can check your iPhone charging progress from your watch using the Apple Watch app. Enable notifications on your Apple Watch and you will receive notification during charging.

Ranked in the top 100 free utilities in 43 countries and the top 100 paid utilities in 15 and 17 countries in November and December 2009

What our customers said:

"If you 'love' your iPhone, this app is a must-have." - Thai Tanic
"Is highly recommended" - Fredericia iPhone Macho
"Excellent" - Nabil Ahmed
"Exactly what was missing!!!"

Here are some reviews from sites:

"Sitting around waiting for your battery to be fully charged is dumb! With BatteryFull+ (alarm), you'll still have to sit around, but at least you won't have to check it every 5 minutes... just wait for the app to tell you when your battery is fully charged." - iPhoneAppReviews

"The application BatteryFull can help you save energy. The iPhone is fully charged within two hours, so there's no need to keep it on the charger the entire night." - iPhoneFreakz