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Groove Golf Swing

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Groove Golf Swing

Improve your golf swing anytime, anywhere with ease.
Swing note function is now available (Club name, Direction, Spin and so on).

1. Record your Swing
Ask a friend to record your golf swing.
Go to Recording view (Not Recording yet).
Start by pressing the "Start Recording (Quiet Please)" button (Recording Started).
Analysis will be done on last 3-4 seconds (24 frames technically!) before the "Stop Recording" button is pressed when the swing is over (Start Saving Photos for last 3-4 seconds).

2. Create a freezeframe

3. Analyze your swing
Line up the horizontal and vertical lines with the subject of the photo by dragging the edge of the line.

Next, line up the angle of your body and set the support lines same as guide lines. You can set up to 3 support lines: either for your body or your swing.

You can see any movement changes in your stance and the movement of your head, shoulders and knees.

4. Watch and check your swing
You can watch your recorded swing including the guide and support lines by dragging slider control.

* The 24 frame images can be combined into a single JPEG file and saved on your iPhone Photo Albums so you can share it with your friends.

5. Share the swing photos with your friends
You can import swing photos from Photo Library.
When your firends recorded your swing photo, please ask them to send 24 cut JPEG by e-mail and save it to your Photo Library in your iPhone.
Then you can import it by tapping flower icon on the top list view.

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