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The WirelessDMS iOS Client is an eDOCS DM client from Matrix Logic.

Access your Open Text eDOCS DM document management system from your iOS device.

*** This application is designed as an add-on to an Open Text eDOCS DM system (formerly Hummingbird DM). If you don't have this document management system, do not download this application.

This application connects to a lightweight WirelessDMS Device Server application on your server via a mobile network or a WiFi connection. Communications can be via http or https. WirelessDMS is very efficient with network communication, providing a fast and economical solution.

Note: The WDMS Device Server must be purchased from Matrix Logic in order to use this application. You can try it out by connecting it our demo server. The demo account password is: dm

With just a few quick finger taps, you can:
- Access your Recent Edits, Quicksearches and issue content or profile searches.
- Documents can be emailed as an attachment or a reference or viewed on the device.
- Full contacts/mail integration on the device.
- Upload document as a new version
- Search a hierarchy (like a Dynamic View) with Guided Searches
- Display document history or profile
- Profile new documents
- Navigate Dynamic Views
- Mark up and save PDFs
- Updated PDF viewer

WirelessDMS iOS Client is part of the WirelessDMS Suite.
Matrix Logic Corporation