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3 Strikes

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3 Strikes

With Apple Watch, you can play 3 Strikes game with others or even iPhone itself.

Can you beat your counterpart or iPhone equipped with latest genetic algorithm (GA) Artificial Intelligence?

Rule is simple, you just need to figure it out what the numbers iPhone or your counterpart.

- Strike: match one number with right position
- Ball: match one number with wrong position.
- Out: No match at all.

1. Batting
Your goal is to know what number your counterpart hides.
First you need to choose 3 numbers from your Apple Watch, then press Hit button.
Change numbers until you get 3 Strikes.

2. Fielding
Your counterpart send you 3 numbers.
You need to count them based on the rule.
If your counterpart get 3 Strikes, game ends.

Enjoy the game and beat your counterpart or iPhone!
AME Mobile Inc.