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3 Hour Diet Reminder

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3 Hour Diet Reminder

Eating small portions every three hours is proven to help lose weight by keeping your metabolism up. Lose weight with 3 Hour Diet Reminder, the fastest and easiest to use meal reminder for iPhone.

3 Hour Diet Reminder reminds you every 3 hours to eat and keeps track of how many meals you've eaten that day towards your meal goal. 3 Hour Diet Reminder also keeps track of how many glasses of water you've drank throughout the day to make sure you reach your goal.


· "So Simple But Worth Every Cent"
· "I love this app! I use it everyday to keep myself on track with my meals."
· "Perfect App For Tracking Meals!!!"
· "I've tried them all, and this app absolutely blows away the competition."
· "Keeping my metabolism in check has never been easier!"


· Customize your daily meal goal from 3 to 10
· Customize your daily water goal from 3 to 15
· Customize your meal timer interval from 5 minutes to 5 hours


· Beautiful retina interface
· Set default timer duration between 1 to 4 hours
· Choose from 7 different custom notification sounds
· Daily meal progress
· Daily water intake progress
· Snooze your timer directly from the notification
· Includes Apple Watch Extension to control your timer directly from your Apple Watch
· Includes Notification Center "Today" view for a quick glimpse at the remaining time
· Log your meals to the Apple Health App.
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