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2STP Authenticator

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2STP Authenticator

2STP generates 2-step authentication codes that help protect your Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft, and other supported online accounts.

• 100% free, and NO ads of any kind. 2STP works with any service that supports Google Authenticator.
• With the Apple Watch app, your codes are always on your wrist so there's no need to pull your phone out to authenticate. With iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, a single tap copies your code to the Universal Clipboard, so you can paste it on any of your other devices. And there's even a Complication shortcut so you can get to 2STP straight from your watch face.
• Enable the optional iCloud Sync feature, and your account details are automatically and securely backed up to your iCloud account. Changes on one device are seamlessly synced to your other devices. iCloud Sync also powers 2STP Companion*, which lets you access your codes directly on your personal Mac.
• Get codes at a glance with the 2STP widget, accessible at any time with just a swipe.
• Autofill codes with the Safari extension. 2STP makes logging into websites on your phone hassle-free.
• Support for Slide Over and Split View on iPad means your codes are never out of reach.
• Your codes are displayed on a single, easy-to-glance screen, and you can reorder your accounts as you wish. Codes can be copied with just a tap. You can even choose to display them in easy-to-read groups, like 123·456.
• Secure import/export feature makes setting up accounts on multiple devices and backing up account details a breeze.
• Concerned about security? Your account details NEVER leave your device without your knowledge, and can be protected with a passcode or Touch ID (on supported devices).
• 2STP never connects to the Internet without your permission and works completely offline**, so you can get to your codes even in places without cell or Internet service.

Technical details:
• QR Code, otpauth:// URL, and manual account entry supported.
• Time-based (TOTP) and counter-based (HOTP) codes supported.
• SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and MD5 hash algorithms supported.
• 6 to 10 digit long codes supported.

*2STP Companion must be downloaded separately.
**The import/export and iCloud Sync features offer the ability to save backups to iCloud and other services, which require Internet access when used.
Ruizhe Zhao