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This application provides one time passwords(2FA) to be used with the two factor authentication of Finance, Huobi, Kucoin and other cryptocurrency services as well as social network Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Google Mail, Evenlope, Instagram and others services and you can always make a secure encrypted backup, in case you lose your device or switch to a new one.

- Fast&Secure
All your local data encrypted, even when it's stored in iCloud to ensure that you are the only one who can access your data.

- Free backup accounts to encrypted iCloud storage
you are able to manage your encrypted backups and create more than

- Import from Google Authentication, URL, QR image from Photos and Files
It means if you previously save this data on screenshots, you can import it to this application,
Also you are able to migrate from Google Authentication app where you not able to create any backup.

- Supports Folders
You can easy add categories for your items, like work, home, crypto and easily navigate between them

- Widgets
Access your 2FA(TOTP) authentication directly from your Home Screen

- Offline
2Pass generates secure tokens even offline, this will allow
you to two step verification securely even when your device is in airplane mode.

- Biometric authorization
If you care about your privacy enable this feature

- iPad/Apple Watch support
Use the same app on Apple Watch or iPad, with cloud synchronization

Application is free and open-source. Welcome to make PR or comments on GitHub page:
The app does not collect information about you either. You won't be asked to allow access to your contacts or your location. And most important: The app does not connect to the internet. It will not upload your accounts to someone else and you are able to made free backups! Which means this app is better than microsoft authenticator or google authenticator

Get in touch here: [email protected]
Taras Markevych