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Have you ever forgotten to post a letter on your way to work, or fallen asleep on the train and missed your stop?

With the "GPS-R" app and its 'Location' based reminder system, you'll never have to experience that again!
GPS-R will notify you when you reach the post office or your train station.

[How to use]
Using the app is simple. You only need to register a 'Location'.
When you approach your registered 'Location', GPS-R will give you a notification.
You can use it whether on foot, in your car, or on the train.

Additionally, you can also set a variety of options.
With settings such as "Notify me when I am within 500m of my destination", "Notify me when there is a convenience store nearby" and so on you can tailor the app to suit your purpose!

[Use add-ons to enhance your experience]
GPS-R becomes even more functional through the use of add-ons.

● add-on1
- Arrival email!
Automatically sends an email when reaching your 'Location'. Also supports automatic tweeting.

- Be notified through your favorite songs!
Plays your favorite tune when you reach your 'Location'.

- Share your 'Locations' with ease!
Send you registered 'Locations' to your friends.

● add-on 2
· Switch the notification in time!
I can specify the On / Off notification of the time and day of the week.

- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
- There may not be updated in the background in the case of iOS7. Please check that go to the "Settings" -> "General" -> "Background App Refresh", update the background is enabled.

*For more detailed information, please visit our support page.

[If you can not launch the app]
problem that will not start the app When you perform a backup to recover iPhone6 ​​/ iPhone6Plus from iPhone5s previous has occurred.
Currently, we are investigating, but you will need to get some time now to you.
Customers in a hurry, after deleting the app, please try to re-install.
※ Set / pin information for mail / Twitter, etc. will be removed from the app.
Sorry to trouble you, but thank you for re-setting.

The inconvenience, I am sorry.

We look forward to your valuable feedback. Thank you very much!
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