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The Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office) of the Catholic Church is the richest single Christian prayer resource, with daily changing prayers, psalms and readings for the seven Hours of each day, from early morning to late at night. The Universalis app makes the Hours accessible to everyone, not just specialists: because as a Vatican document says, The Office is the prayer not only of the clergy but of the whole People of God.

With Universalis you can make regular times for spiritual refreshment, or just dip in briefly when an opportunity arises. Universalis is not only lighter than a book and far easier to use, it is also discreet: nobody needs to know you are doing it.

Universalis also contains the Gospel and the other readings at Mass for each day, and this is what we have chosen to present in the Apple Watch app. The Gospel on your wrist is one step closer to the Gospel in your heart; and it's always just a touch away.
Feast of the Day
What feast or saint's day is it today? Tap to read the Gospel.
View the liturgical calendar for the week. Tap to read the Gospel.
Read the Gospel for today's Mass.
Other Readings
Force-touch to read the First Reading and Second Reading as well as the Gospel.
Universalis Publishing Limited

Universalis was started in 1995 to harness new technologies in the service of spirituality. The Universalis app for the iPhone was in the App Store on launch day in July 2008. The iPad version was there when the iPad launched, so we are delighted to be able to continue the tradition by being ready for the Apple Watch before deliveries start. As well as the iOS app, there are Universalis programs and apps for Mac, Windows and Android, e-books in ePub and Kindle format, and a daily email service. A week's worth of content is also available for free on our web site and there is a daily Twitter feed at @CatholicFeasts.