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28 Period Tracker

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28 Period Tracker

Menstrual Cycle Calendar, Ovulation and Fertility Tracker for Men, Relationship Saver.

28. Period Tracker is an Apple Watch app.
A sleek and a smart Countdown will allow you to keep track of the monthly cycle of the woman in your life on your iPhone and/or on your Apple Watch. It can be used by men or by women. It's a relationship saver app that can be used with or without your Apple Watch. By understanding what moods occur at different stages of her 28 day cycle, you the man can learn how to read your loved one, making every day as enjoyable as possible for you both.

Made for men who love and adore their strong women but could do with a little help monitoring female bodies and hormones.
You the Man will be able to predict “She Wants Me” ovulation days (blue & green) and the “She Wants To Hurt Me” days (pink & red). You’ll be able to plan your week, romantic evenings and trips accordingly. The 28. Period Tracker app is designed to help men read and understand women, their stares or their glares. Your loved one can’t control her hormones or the pain and discomfort brought on by her Period. Could this app save you from criticism and those encrypted looks you can’t decode for the life of you? Perhaps. Could it protect you from suffering every month and from dreadful bodily harm? Most likely. When you know what’s coming you can plan accordingly!

Open the app on iPhone and on the Apple Watch. Select the first or the last day of your partner’s menstrual cycle. That is it! Period. No pun intended. The iPhone app will sync to your Apple Watch and the countdown will start. Sit back and relax. Smile and wave, share with your friends!

Irregular cycles?
Simply tap Period button if it arrives early, and the countdown will restart. See the disclaimer if her Period is really late and enter the first day once it arrives. Tap Ovulation if your loved one lets you know that she has ovulated early and the app will recalculate.

The 28. Period Tracker will calculate when your loved one is in her pink inpatient, or in her moody, red angry days or if she is in her sweet blue and green days. This app will make you aware each day of any mood changes she might experience, when your loved one is annoyed with you and with everything you do with the help of prewritten daily notes. A smart ovulation countdown will tell you when your chances are looking really really good for getting lucky, or when to make bunch of babies. You, the man, will also be able to spot the most fertile days, the she-wants-me-days, if planning a pregnancy. You will learn how to react, not react or simply run for your life with help from the daily notes. It's not cheating, it's called survival. You will start picking up on symptoms by just one glance at the countdown on your iPhone or your Apple Watch.

We have done all your homework for you. Download it now. Our app has been tested on some of the feistiest women on the planet. No men were hurt in making of this app.

DISCLAIMER: Do not use this app to prevent a pregnancy. We will not help you raise your children. Use protection.

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