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21 Damage is a life counter app for Magic: The Gathering, tailored for EDH (Commander) multiplayer games.


- 6, 4, 3, 2 and Single Player tracking support.
- 2 Player tracking support for 20-life games (w/o Commander Damage counters)
- Simple life counter.
- Commander Damage counters for each player (except on 6-player view).
- Player Name for each player (except on Single player view).
- Subtract/Add 5 lives at a time.
- Game loss:
- Player "dies" when: Any commander damage reaches 21, life total reaches 0 or poison counters reach 10.
- Life drain indicators:
- Life becomes yellow when it reaches 10 or less.
- Life becomes red when it reaches 5 or less.
- Life becomes gray when a player life's total reaches 0.
- iPad Split-Screen support
- Game Setup includes number and names of players & preferred counters.
- Single-Player also includes counters for:
- Storm
- Floating Mana (One for each WUBGR+Generic)
- Up-to 4 Commander Damage Counters for up-to 5-player tables
Alfonso Felipe Cabargas Madrid